Beer Central Long and Short Stay Car Park

  • A somewhat complicated car park in the centre of Beer. 
  • You have to pay the tariff according to the colour of the space space you are in.
  • Free after 6 p.m. in yellow spaces only.
  • RingGo Code 42961 or 42931 depending on the space you are in! (Probably - check locally)
  • Longer stay permits are available from the machines
  • Campers must vacate by 10 p.m.
    Postcode is EX12 3EL


Winter Shopper Special 2021/2022

 Running from the 1st November 2021 to the 31st March 2022 residents and visitors will be able to purchase a £2 ticket from a ticket machine and it will be valid in any East Devon car park until midnight on the day of purchase.

 You can use your ticket in any East Devon District Council Pay & Display car park until midnight on the day of purchase.

 Pay just £2 and park for the rest of the day (till midnight) and the same ticket can be used in any East Devon District Council Pay & Display car park. The ticket will show the "normal" expiry time but as long as you have paid £2 it will be valid all day. 

For RingGo you must use the location code of 42973. Excludes Permit Holders.

Beer Car Park

Beer Clifftop car park tariff
This Car Park could be considered the "Main" car park in Beer. Finding it is easy.

Enter Fore Street, the main "High Street" in Beer, and turn right just before The Dolphin Hotel up Clapps Lane. The hotel has a small car park for patrons and just after it turn left in to this large car park.  
The car park is a 30 yard level walk to the centre of Beer

The Post Code for the car park is EX12 3EL

Beer Central Long and Short Stay Car Park

The tariff for Fore Street car park Beer
Park and pay with care, it gets messy, read on!!

The car park is split in to two sections. White is long stay (163 spaces) and Yellow is short stay (38 spaces). If you plan to stay beyond three hours then different rates apply.

Be very careful to get it right.

Parking In Beer

Free parking in the village main car park
OK, so this car park is quite bizzare. It has 163 long stay places and 38 short stay (max four hours).

The hourly rate is £1  and paying for three hours gets you four (correct at time of writing) BUT bizarrely this rate only applies in the (Yellow) short stay places, if you park it the (white) long stay places the the same four hours costs £4!

Please note motorcycle parking is FREE but use the dedicated space.

Beer Car Parking

Beer Central Car Park payment machine
Furthermore if you park in the (Yellow) short stay spaces then you can only stay for a maximum of 4 hours (£3 at time of writing, on the basis of pay for three hours and get a fourth hour free) whereas if you park in the white long stay spaces then you can stay up to 24 hours (No camper vans and sleeping overnight) although the prices are £1 per hour up to £6 and then once you pay six you can stay 24. 

So. In a nutshell park in a Yellow space and you have 4 hours max, park in a white space and you have as long as 24 hours...but differnet charges apply. 

Paying to Park in Beer Central Car Park

Assuming you arrive before say 3 pm and plan to stay for "a few hours" if you can find a parking space (yellow or white) park and then pay the appropriate charge BUT if you are in a yellow space you can ONLY stay a maximum of 4 hours and for that you pay £3 (if you park in a white space and want to stay 4 hours it is £4!).
Parking in Beer central car park is £1 after 6 pm so if you arrive at 4 pm and want to stay all evening just pay for two hours plus £1 in certain spaces only. See signs locally.

If you are in a white space you must pay at the normal rate even after 6 pm.

Will I get a space?

This car park can get incredibly busy and even as early as 10 a.m. can be packed on a summer's day. So if you really MUST park here then be early. BUT there is always Cliff Top long stay car park (or Beer Head Car Park as it can be known). 


If you need to use the Cliff Top Car Park then drop any persons less able to walk off in the village. The journey up/down to it is really quite steep.

Pictures of Beer Central Car Park

You can see a number of pictures of this car park and all the signs present at the page linked here