East Devon DC have raised their parking charges to more or less DOUBLE what they were in 2021.

Please see all signs locally and check before you pay.

The anticipated new charges are showing on here.

Prices on images may be incorrect.

Beer Car Park | Cliff Top Car Park

  • A large car park up the hill from the far end of Beer. 
  • The car park is mainly grass.
  • Pay for four hours and the rest of the day is free, if staying for less than 4 hours the central car park is cheaper.
  • RingGo code 42932. (Probably - Check Locally)
  • Longer stay tickets are available.
  • Motorhomes must leave the site by 10 p.m.
  • Car Park has a post code of EX12 3AQ

Beer Head Car Park | Parking In Beer

Beer Clifftop car park tariff
This Car Park could be considered the "Overflow" car park in Beer. Finding it is once again quite easy.

Enter Fore Street, the main "High Street" in Beer, and drive all the way down towards the sea and pass The Anchor pub, where the pub should be on your RIGHT (so do NOT take the turn just before the pub) and thus exit the village. 

Keep straight on, where the road here becomes one way, and at the Give Way go straight on where the road now becomes two way again. The entrance to the car park will be on your left after about 250 yards.

The post code of the car park is EX12 3AQ

Parking In Beer | Cliff Top Car Park

The view from Beer Clifftop Car Park
This has to be one of the most remarkable car parks in England, worth the journey up the hill for the view alone some might say.

The town you can see on the coast is Seaton, and the land sticking far out to sea in the distance is Portland Bill.

Although is is said to have 300 spaces there are no lines, so parking (on the grass) is a "free for all".

Costs to park at Beer Head Car Park

Beer Cliff Top Car Park
Parking is charged at £2 per hour (Correct 2022) and if you pay £8 you can stay for 24 hours, so it is a cheaper option for a stay of over 4 hours than the main car park in the centre of the village.

But depending on the yellow or white space you could get in the village centre it is either dearer or cheaper than staying for 4 hours in the main car park...but I suspect you are only here as the main car park is full, so worry not!

No Free Parking at Beer Head Car Park

Beer Clifftop Car Park charges apply 24 hours a day
Parking here is charged 24 hours a day, so if you arrive after say 6pm whereas it is free in the car parks in the centre of Beer you have to pay to park here from say 6 pm to midnight.

This is frankly is a bit mad and I doubt anyone ever checks, but you have been warned! 

(I suspect this is to stop people sleeping overnight in there, but that is banned anyway.) 

Locally the car park could be known as Beer Head car park, as the caravan park just beyond it is known as Beer Head Caravan Park. You can pay for your parking at Cliff Top Cark Park at the machine or by phone.

The walk back to the The Anchor pub and the village is around 400 yards down a quite steep hill.

Will you get a space At Beer Head Car Park?

Probably. It is MASSIVE!!

You can see a number of pictures of this car park and all the signs present at the page linked here


If you are in a camper van and want to park it level to make a cup of tea the slope on this car park will be...entertaining. 

The walk in to the village is very steep. Leave those less able to walk in the village before you head up here to park.