Fore Street Car Park 2

The tariff for Fore Street car park Beer
This car park can be found in Fore Street, the main village "High Street", on the right just before you get to The Anchor pub and the beach.

It has only (a remarkable) 10 spaces and motorcycles are not allowed to use it.

The post code for the car park is EX12 3EF
Fore Street Car Park  Beer
The chances of finding a space in this car park during a "normal" day in Beer are very slim

If you decide to take a look then all is not really lost as it is quite easy to then go around to the main village car park.

Just turn right before the pub up the side of the car park in to The Meadows, then right again at the top of this road and then right again at the end of the road and the main car park is just there, again on the right. 
Fore Street Car Park Beer payment machine
The charges will be shown on a sign by the payment machine but at the time of writing (2020) were:

Maximum stay 3 hours but chack the machine

Hourly Rate £ 1.00

Minimum payment 50 p (30 minutes)

Charges apply 8 am to 6 pm


Perversely you may well find a space in here after 6 pm
when it is free, so if you are popping to The Anchor say it is worth having a look.

Remember it is free after 6pm, so if you arrive at 4 pm and plan to stay after 6 pm you only need pay up to 6 pm.

No motorcycles allowed at Fore Street Car Park Beer

Sadly  if you are on a motorcycle this car park is not the one for you.

Map of the area